Jan 18, 2010

11 Months

Yesterday Jake turned 11 months. That means only one month until he is 1 years old. WOW!!! Where has the time gone??? It's been a blast. He makes me laugh everyday and we couldn't ask for a happier baby.
You are a very easy baby. You rarely cry. The only time you are really unhappy is when you are teething, tired or hungry. You have two bottom teeth and one fang. Most kids get the top two front teeth before getting a fang but you march at the beat of your own drum and that is one of the things that we love about you. You are not crawling yet but you roll to get to where you want to go and boy can you get from point A to point B fast. We have to keep our eyes on you. You smile all the time and laugh sometimes for no reason. It's Great!!
You sleep through the night FINALLY but when you are teething all you want is Mommy so those nights can become sleepless. You did so well with your glasses for so long that I thought we were so lucky but in the past two weeks you no longer leave them alone. You pull them off any chance you get which means that we might have to move to contacts since you do not have lens in your eyes. I'm hoping it's just a faze and we can get you to wear your glasses again. One day at a time. You've been through so much so I just let you be.
Here is your schedule at 11 months old
7:00 wake up
7:15 8 ounce bottle (which you sometimes only eat 6 ounces)
8:00 diaper change and get dressed and head off to the gym where you play and I work out
Tuesdays 8:15 therapy and Thursdays 8:15 therapy (on these days our schedule is moved up an hour)
9:00 home for breakfast (oatmeal and a fruit)
9:15-10 play time with Mommy
10:00 Nap (usually you nap for about an hour)
11:00 play time
12:00 lunch (two veggies and a fruit)
After lunch we have some play time and maybe run some errands.
2:00 nap ( usually about 2 hours but it varies)
8 ounce bottle when you wake up from your nap
4:00 snack and play time
5:30 Dinner (organic dinner and fruit)
Play time while Mommy makes dinner.
6:00 Daddy gets home and we eat dinner while you play
6:15-7:15 Mommy and Daddy play with you until its time to get ready for bed
7:15 bath every other night
7:30 8 ounce bottle and night night
Happy 11 month my sweet little baby. I can't wait until next month when we have your BIG 1st Birthday party.
I love you! Mommy


Michelle Leigh said...

I can't believe Jake is almost a year! That flew by! I just love his sweet smile and his mohawk! Just adorable! Happy 11 months bud!

Kristi said...

Man is he cute! He looks like he is sitting up like a champ now too?!
Are you coming to meet me and the Lauras tomorrow at 4pm at La Casita?