Jan 24, 2010

Our Weekend

I had to share this picture because I thought it was so cute. Jake got a seahorse that lights up for Christmas and here he is at nap time today cuddled up with it with his little booty in the air. Too cute!!

Jake Aunt Shannon (Brent's sister) asked to take Jake on Friday. I said sure. I love when family asks to spend time with my little man. So I brought him up north to her house and ended up going out with my bff Mary and her husband Troy. It was a fun night.

Saturday Shannon called and said that she was having such a great time with him that she wanted to know if it would be okay if she had him for one more night. Normally I would say no just because I miss my baby when he's gone but the roads were bad and I didn't want him to be driven and I knew that Shannon and him were having a great time. So I said yes.

Because I went out Friday night I didn't want to go out two nights in a row so B and I just went to dinner and came home. B ended up going out for a little while and I turned in early. I laid in bed and watched my favorite show Roseanne while reading my cookbooks (strange but one of my favorite things to do).

My baby came home this morning and boy did I miss him. I feel like he's grown two inches, gained 5 pounds and changed so much. All in two days. Lol.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Ta Ta for now.

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Three Little Pigs said...

Kendra has the same seahorse and loves it too! We call it her boyfriend and she hugs and kisses it all the time. Cute picture!!