Mar 23, 2010

Nap Time Headache!!

Jake is now pulling himself up in his crib. Which is great because he is making such progress but it's not great for nap time. Nap time had become a game and it takes about an hour to get him to stop climbing and fall asleep. Here are some pictures.

Don't worry. I've lowered the crib.


Today I put stuff over the windows and made his room black. He wouldn't take a morning nap but I put him down at 1 for his afternoon nap and it only took 10 minutes and he was out.

Hopefully it stays that way..


Kristi said...

I never ever nap but then again I cannot sleep when there is any light either! Hopefully the darker room will help Jake nap better...

Michelle Leigh said...

I hate to break it to you dear but little Jake might only need 1 nap nowadays! My kids cut out 1 nap at 1 year old. It sucks, but I guarantee that afternoon nap will be a nice long one (ok, can't guarantee it, but logically that's what it should mean).

Once he gets over practicing his new skilz, he'll be easier to put down. Don't ya love these new stages?