Mar 11, 2010


It's been a while since I've blogged. I'm trying to get back in the groove..

Jake had his 1 year check up.

Weight 20 lbs 15 ounces
Height 29 inches

He still is a little guy but he is growing so that's good. Jake meets his new eye doctor on Friday. We are excited. He is also going to start some new therapy in a few weeks. Since he is not crawling or walking he is doing things like head banging, rocking, etc. So we are going to start some sensory therapy to maybe help release some of that pent up energy.

Jake is eating all foods now. He feeds himself veggies, fruit, lunch meat, cheese, eggs, pancakes and grilled cheese. It's awesome to watch him. He loves it.
He has also moved to whole milk. We still have him on a couple bottles a day because it's the only way I can get him to drink all the milk he needs. He can use a sippy cup but he throws it after a few sips.
Jake is talking a lot. He says DADADADADA and a bunch of stuff that doesn't make any sense. Yesterday he said NANANA and MAMMAMA. YAY.

He claps and waves bye bye. It's so cute. Jake is sleeping through the night for the most part. He sometimes wakes up when he is teething or not feeling well and wants to sleep with us. He is napping twice a day still but I'm trying to get him into on afternoon nap. That isn't going well.

Here are some pictures from Jake's 1 year session. I got them done at JC Penny because I thought I was saving money. I regret that decision. That's all I have to say about that.


Michelle Leigh said...

What a big boy! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow and become more and more independent each day? It's really a bittersweet thing as a mama!

So sorry you are unhappy with the pictures. I always had a rough time with JC Penny as well as Target. They just don't take the time or the effort. He still looks pretty cute though!

Kristi said...

Cutie pie!! yeah, not a fan of retail portrait studios either... (although Jake is still cute no matter who takes his pic)