Mar 31, 2010

TFT-Dancing with the Stars

Does anyone watch DWTS? I've never watched it until this season and the only reason I am is because I just had to see Kate Gosselin dance. I really don't think that I've ever been so uncomfortable watching TV in my whole life. It's like a car accident. You know you shouldn't watch but you can't help it.

I do give Kate a lot of credit because she is the only one on the show that is not a performer of some sort(except Jake the bachelor-PUKE). Some of the contestants are performers for a living and have an advantage. Like the Pussy Cat dolls chic. She sings and dances for a living so when she does awesome it's not like we are surprised. I kind of think it's unfair.

I would rather watch people that don't know how to dance actually learn how to dance and watch their progress throughout the weeks. Maybe that is why I want Kate to stay on the show. Because I am looking forward to her progressing and actually learning how to dance(or maybe she will bomb every week).

This week Shannon Dougherty got voted off and even though she messed up a little I thought it was good. Buzz Aldrin was in the top... HUH?? He could barley move around the dance floor. It's gotta be fixed??

Any thoughts on this topic??

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Mary said...

I watch!

It is like a train wreck! And as much as I'm sick and tired of Kate, I do have to give her credit. You can tell that she is so out of her element and she really is trying!

What about Pam? Is she on drugs? Is it her nerves? Every time the camera shows her, she is moving is weird ways. And moving her head funny. Not to mention when she talks, I don't understand what she says!

I liked Samantha better than Brooke as a hostess.

Until next week.........