Jul 5, 2011

10 Post You Challenge-7 Wants

7. I want to succeed at my new job. 
6. I want Jake to be happy in his new day care
5. I want B to be healthy and to feel good again. 
4. I want to go on a vacation with B out of this state. We've never done that.
3. Not to get materialistic but I want a new car. 
2. I want to get myself back in the groove of working out again.
1. And last but not least I want health and happiness for all my family and friends. 


Olivia Grace said...

I want #2 really bad, too! Good luck with your new job, you'll do great!!

Robyn said...

I hope B gets healthy and feels better!
I'd like a new car too, not necessarily new, new, but one that is cheaper for me to drive.

Ang said...

what a great list - and so selfless. You make me look bad!

Kristi said...

I want B healthy again too so that you guys can get married and have an awesome honeymoon!!

Laura said...

your list is so nice - I hope all your wants come true for you :)

Anonymous said...

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