Jul 11, 2011

Balancing Act

Since I am new to this working Mom thing trying to find a balance between my home life and work life has been a bit of a challenge for me. I didn't realize how hard it would be to be a working Mom. Don't get me wrong I am really liking it (so far). But I am still trying to figure out how to manage my time wisely. I used to get upset with a friend of mine because I always wanted to hang out with her and she would always say that she didn't have much time outside of work and her family. I really didn't get it until now. Her and I actually did something the other night and I told her that I finally get it. I really want to figure out a way to manage my time effectively so that I still have time to do all the things I love and be with all the people that I love. Here is a list of things I really need to work on.

  • Playing more with Jake after I get home from work.I want to start taking him to the park, play in the back yard, etc. 
  • Have a night once or twice a month where I get together with a girlfriend for dinner or coffee. 
  • Have a date night with B.
  • Work on my jewelry more. I have been out of supplies for a while and haven't been making anything. I am starting to go through withdraws. 
  • Plan a menu for the week and start making dinner every night again. Lately we have been whipping up dinner every night. 
  • Spend more time with family.
  • Plan some camping trips in our new camper.
  • I want to continue to make time for blogging and also make time to read the blogs that I like. 
  • Get back to the gym. Now that I am sitting all day long I need to start working out more so I don't gain the weight back.
  • Last but not least I do not want to stop selling Avon. I love their products and enjoy selling. I want to try and promote my Online Avon store more. 
So that is my list of stuff that I am going to try and work on. Any suggestions or tips on how to manage my time would be great. 
I also wanted to share some cute photos of Jake.

Jake loves his pool and loves being naked. 

I eventually put his clothes back on him. He put all his riding toys in his little pool.


Robyn said...

It is hard to juggle everything sometimes. I am a schedule kind of person. Which is good and bad.

Dana said...

I admire working women who have children because I'm a single person with no kids and I have a hard enough time with myself and I consider myself an organized person.

Ang said...

I don't have kids, so I'm the last person to give advice - but I do hope you figure it out! Balancing is hard, no matter what you have that is taking up your time... once you find it, it'll become a routine and it'll all work out!

Mary said...

Kim, I have always worked aside from being home on maternity leave for 12 weeks with each baby. I still to this day have a hard time balancing things! One thing I've learned is prioritize things. Take the kids for a walk after dinner or clean the house......seems like a no brainer but I had a hard time with even the simplist thing like this. Most days Mon-Fri my house looks like a bomb went off. I don't sweat it like I use too. I value my time with my family way too much to let a mess house win :)

Leslie Collins said...

When I was working, I always made it a point to meal plan. It was easier to know what we were having. If I didn't, I found myself pulling in somewhere for fast food, which is so not a healthy habit to fall in.

When I decide to go back to work, I will probably get someone to clean our house....providing that we can afford it. :) The girls, Jade and spending time with friends and family sound a lot more appealing than cleaning.

I am sure you will fall into a routine soon. :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I have so much admiration for you, I am TERRIBLE at juggling!

rachel said...

I can't imagine being a mom AND having a "real" job as well. I struggle enough as it is to get everything done. Good luck to you. And that is super cute that he put all his toys in the pool.

Danifred said...

I definitely have a hard time finding that balance. Glad you are able to focus on your priorities though and get things done. Love that cool pool!

Kristi said...

I agree, it is very hard to juggle work and family time. I may not have kids but you know I have a big baby at home to take care of anyway! Not to mention working near 80 hrs a week, it is very hard to find time for just the little things let alone time with friends. Big adjustment after being a SAHM for you but you will do fine once you figure it all out. Blogging just isn't a priority unless you make it one, same with everything. Good luck!