May 10, 2016

Raising a Happy Kid

I was the type of kid that had a lot of worry and anxiety. I know that it stemmed from circumstances, my environment and probably part genetic. I spent my 20's trying to find my place and I blamed others for how I was and how I felt and what I went through as a child. It wasn't until I realized I was responsible for my own happiness and that I needed to let go of what I can't change and forgive that I was able to heal.
When I found out that I was pregnant at 30 I knew that my goal was to make sure that I would raise my son in an environment free from adult problems and worry. I feel that I have done a good job with Jake as he is such a happy spirited little boy. I treat him with respect and have taught him the importance of being kind to others and to treat others with respect. I just want him to be a kid and enjoy his childhood.

I thought I would share 66 positive things to say to your child. No. 58 is a good one. Not everyone will like you, and that's ok!! That is something that Jake is learning now as he is more social at school. Some kids are just not nice and learning to not take it personally is a tough lesson.


Alexandra S said...

That is a great list :) I pinned it for later!

mypixieblog said...

There are so many important lessons here, that, all these years later, I STILL find myself struggling with. But I love that you are taking a proactive stance to ensure your child's happiness (and measures to prevent years of therapy later in life lol).