Jul 28, 2008

My weekend

Happy Monday to everyone! Do you ever feel like you leave work on Friday and blink and your back at work Monday? That is how I feel most days. How was every ones weekend? Mine was ok. Friday I spent the evening with my old friend Tam and her daughter Zoe. We ordered pizza and watched movies. You know how I love pizza. YUMMY!!
Saturday I woke up feeling very sick and it lasted into the evening. I eventually made myself go back over to Tam’s because I knew I needed to get out but needed something low key. She lured me over with tacos. She said that I had to come and try her famous tacos. Boy am I glad that I did. They were AMAZING! It was shredded chicken topped with fresh cilantro, fresh onions and fresh lime juice on soft tortillas. That was all that they had on them and they were so full of flavor. Oh course I am a HUGE cheese and sour cream fan so I had to put a little bit on mine but they really didn’t need it. I ate a lot and I am glad that I did because my nausea started to subside after I had a full belly. After dinner we went outside to play dominos on the deck. Tam taught me this game about a year ago and I am HOOKED. We played until midnight. It was such a nice cool night to be outside. (oh here is a tip-instead of bug spray use dryer sheets trust me they work)
Sunday I was sick all day. I tried to eat but could only get mac and cheese down for dinner. It was not fun. I will be glad when this morning sickness is over.
This was a long post WOAH!!


Kristi said...

I was at the beach yesterday with my neighbors and Brody happened to be there with his dad and siblings (Jere invited them)- he mentioned you stayed with them this weekend.
I hope you feel better soon

Michelle Leigh said...

MMMM, pizza and tacos! I'm jealous. Sorry to hear about the am sickness. I never really had it, but I can only imagine it's terrible. No fun!

Helmey said...

I use dryer sheets instead of showering...go figure it keeps the bugs off too...

body count says drink down that delicious windex and love it!