Jul 17, 2008


OK. My TFT is CRAVINGS! I want to know about all of your cravings that you had while pregnant or when your partner was pregnant. I think it’s interesting what women crave while pregnant. A friend of mine used to crave blueberry juice. There wasn't even such a thing at the time.
I have always been a pretty healthy eater but lately I crave plain potato chips and pizza all the time. It's really all that sounds good right now. Oh and I love pasta and rice, two things that I barely touched before I was pregnant. YUMMY!!
I am not that far along and I really want to try not to get too big. One thing that’s good is I am craving fresh salads and juice. I just started this pregnancy journey so I am sure my cravings will get crazier and I may need to revisit this subject again in the future.


Anonymous said...

OK... cravings huh....creamcheese stuffed breakfast pretzels, pistacchio icecream, and fresh pineapple.... not all at the same time or anything but man that was all I wanted....oh and every once in awhile the inkleing for a ricecrispy bar would get in there...wait I had this craving for blueberry cobbler but never got it .... ever...either time... bummer too cuz it sounds good even now...

jessica said...

when i was pregnant with my son, i craved milk. i drank three gallons of whole milk a week.

with my daughter i craved lemon ice from culver's.

Michelle Leigh said...

First of all, I didn't even know you were preggo! Congrats! With all 3 kids, I craved anything with sugar. Seriously, cookies, icecream, cake, coke, chocolate. You name it, I ate it! That's all I really craved though. I say go with what you want, you never know what your body will do. I gained 50 pounds with Annika, and only 15 with Bianca and Bennett and I ate the same with all 3! I hope you are feeling well and congrats again!

I really need to put your blog in my reader, I forget to look!

Anonymous said...

I am 6 months pregnant and since the beginning I have craved milk, big time! I can drink 2-3 glasses with each meal. I've always been a milk drinker but not like this. I crave fresh fruit all the time (strawberries & watermelon in particular), but I also have my share of junk food cravings. I gotta have ice cream in some form, least daily. Those yogurt parfaits at McDonald's are killer (and healthy too!), I crave them all the time. Sometimes I can eat one of those and my ice cream craving will go away. I want brownies all the time too...I just don't give into that temptation all too often. (And now that I've talked about it...I want a brownie. lol)
I love pizza and could eat that every day. Taco Bell is another I could have everyday. I make Tacos at home on a weekly basis now because I crave them so bad.
I haven't really had any "weird" cravings yet, I am still eating pretty much everything I used to, but when I have a craving I HAVE to have it or it doesn't go away.

I try to eat healthy but I don't fight my urges when I get them, even if it for junk food. I am going to enjoy this pregnancy and not focus on how much weight I am gaining.