Jul 15, 2008


So, today I was chatting with an old friend over email and she sends me an email that says “Do you know anyone that would want to buy an alligator”? I was like, huh! She was like, yeah my boyfriend bought an alligator and now I want to get rid of it. I didn’t even know you could buy alligators and why would you want to? I just thought this was so strange and funny and I wanted to share. Does anyone want to buy an alligator?
So I am feeling good today yippee!! I haven’t felt like throwing my computer at my co-workers or puking in my garbage, bonus! Oh and I officially cancelled my membership to weight watchers today. It was kind of sad because I was down almost 10 pounds but now it’s time for fun baby weight. It’s not just about me anymore.

Not much to say today, I am sure I will have plenty to say in the upcoming weeks.. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

So an alligator huh??? Don't tell my hubby, he'd be all over that...never mind that it could eat our kids...LOL!!

After all bringing home a snapping turtle was a good idea. :)

Glad to hear that your not feeling puky today...I hated that part!


Kristi said...

People do this sort of thing all the time with wild animals....lions and tigers too. They just aren't as cute and gentle when they get big enough to eat you, I guess!
Glad you're starting to feel better