Dec 23, 2008

31 weeks

31 Weeks today. Sorry the picture quality sucks. Brent took the camera last night so I had to use my cell.

This past weekend we went to my family Christmas. Brent and I were a half hour late due to the weather. Unfortunately by the time we got there all the good food was gone. I have a very large family. There is one thing that I look forward to every year and its my auntie's cheesy potatoes. All gone! I could have cried. Gotta love pregnancy hormones. It was nice to see everyone but also a tad overwhelming since a lot of people haven't seen me since the summer and wanted to touch the belly. Its my fam so I didn't mind as much as I would if it was a bunch of strangers.

Tony(my nephew) was a hit. This is his first Christmas so everyone got him a gift and we all watched him open them. He mostly wanted to play with the tree but my Auntie Julie snapped this cute pic of him.. He's got a thing with sticking his tongue out. We all just love this little man like crazy.
Sunday Brent and I did some last minute shopping and stopped for an early lunch. We decided to try a new restaurant that just opened in our area.
Annoyance # 1...I ordered fajitas. Usually when I order fajitas they come out on a platter with meat, fried onions and fried green peppers. Not at this place. I should have take a picture. It came out on a plate with the meat, onions and green peppers all mixed together with tomato sauce like it was a stew or something. It tasted like it should be on pasta. I sent it back and didn't eat. .
Annoyance #2... Then these two obnoxious men came in and sat down right next to us. They looked like they were drinking still from the night before and of course they start talking to Brent right away, he is very approachable and everywhere we go he meets a new buddy.
It's like ummm can't you see we are trying to have lunch and don't want to be bothered by a bunch of drunks. I was like CHECK!!!
Annoyance # 3.... On top of all of this I hadn't felt the baby move all day and made myself sick with worry. I made Brent drop me off and he went to watch football. I laid and bed and waited for the baby to move. FINALLY at about 4 pm the baby started to move around and didn't stop all night. Whew......
If you've made it this far in this post thanks for listening. I'm now done venting.
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas...


Kristi said...

You seriously look great! That baby is all belly, your butt and everything else is still small!!! I miss you, hopefully we can all get together soon. Lanee mentioned maybe your house next Friday for potluck?

Anonymous said...

U look great!

Where the heck was that place that you ate??? I never want to go there... and you live way to close to my mom to not want to try somewhere new...

Ur nephew is so cute!!!

read your previous blog at same time... ONLY 9 MORE WEEKS!!! YIKES!!!

I'm getting excited for you!!!

YAY! Can't wait til ur baby shower!!!! Woopiee!!

Robyn said...

Nine more weeks, your getting there. Too bad about the fajitas and lunch.
Have a Merry Christmas.