Dec 23, 2008

Strange Obsession!!

Ok...I have a really strange obsession that started a few weeks ago. It has to be the pregnancy that is making me a NUT JOB. Ok don't laugh.. The smell of motor oil... I'm not going around sniffing tail pipes on cars so don't be worried. It all started when I got my new twilight book. I noticed that the pages smelled like motor oil. Now I can't put the book down and not because I can't stop reading it but because I can't stop smelling it. It wasn't until today that I knew that I am obsessed with this smell and here is why... I am in HR/Payroll at my work and I get time cards from our mechanics and they have motor oil smudges all over them from the guys fingers. I have spend the whole day fanning them in my face to get the smell of motor oil. I just can't stop. Its like a drug.. Holy crap I could be losing it!!! Brent has been working on his snowmobile all day and I told him NOT to shower until I can smell him for a few hours tonight..

I seriously hope I get my sanity back once Jacob is born.


Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

You may get some of your pre-pregnancy sanity back, but you will quickly lose it to a newborn! I have always been fond of the smell of diesel, but find it more addicting during pregnancy - which is odd because so many smells that I normally like now make me queasy!

Hope you and B. have a wonderful holiday!

Dana Leigh said...


Kristi said...

Pew!!! That smell makes me naseaous, pregnancy must be doing a number on ya, Kimmy!!

jessica said...

i grew up snowmobiling, and LOVE the smell of oil and gasoline. brings me back to childhood. mmmmm!!