Dec 11, 2008

Doctors appointment

Yesterday we had a doctors appointment. I hate to always bring this up but you wouldn't believe how much weight I've gained. I cried to Brent in the room before the doctor came in. He does such a good job of making me feel better. He says 'honey you are pregnant and beautiful and once then baby is born we will both work out together and you will be back to your normal size in no time'. I know that I need to stop being so sensitive about this and just focus on being healthy for the baby but it's hard. I've always struggled with this issue. Add pregnancy hormones to the mix and its a disaster. I'm really going to try and relax and just sit back and enjoy this pregnancy without worrying about how I look. What's important is Jacob and making sure that he is healthy. Oh my gosh what if he is a 10 pound baby. HOLY!! I was almost 11 pounds when I was born. It could happen.
So anyway back to my appointment. I am measuring perfect and Jacob's heart beat it good and my blood pressure is normal. They did my glucose screening to test for gestational diabetes. I had to drink some orange stuff which tasted like really sweet flat orange pop. Then I had to wait an hour and have my blood drawn. B read a magazine and I read my book while we waited.

I get the test results today and will post them. I promise to get a picture up this week too.

This weekend B and I are heading up north to Duluth for a mini vaca. It's his B-day Saturday. The big 38... WOW!! Old man. We are calling this B's birthday weekend and our babymoon in one since this will probably be the last time we can get away before we have little Jacob. The place we are staying is pet friendly but I need to let go for ONE weekend and leave my little man Giz home. I swear he is so SPOILED!! I see jealousy on the horizon.

That's all for now.


Robyn said...

Don't worry about how much you are gaining, they will tell you if it too much or too quickly. I gained over 50 pounds with mine. It took a few months but it all came off and then some.
Have a good getaway.

Mary said...

Don't beat yourself up over your weight. I gained about 45 lbs with my first and I'm right on track for that this time around. The first few months of this pregnancy I gained very few lbs. 2 lbs here and there. Then at month 5 I gained 10 lbs. I almost cried but the doctor never made a peep about it! Last appointment I gained 5. And I know that in 2 weeks I'll probably have gained another 5. As long as you feel well and your baby is doing well, don't worry about it :) I do the glucose test on the 22nd.

Kristi said...

You are still beautiful and I love you :) I had no idea you were almost 11 lbs when you were born...holy lord!
Have a great weekend in Duluth!

Anonymous said...

I learned to just tell the nurse before getting on the scale not to tell me.... closed my eyes while she weighed me and jumped off the the scale IMMEDIATELY!!!

I just couldn't bare hearing anything over 200.... it was just TOO DEPRESSING!!!!

So you are not alone, just take the necessary precautions if you know that it depresses you. :)

And you are beautiful!!!

Leslie Collins said...

Try not to let the weight gain get to you. It's hard, I know.

Have a nice getaway. Enjoy and relax.

Aunt Donna said...

You look great!! Like you said just worry about Jacob being healthy, you will take that weight off in no time. Enjoy your weekend and both of you....RELAX! See you soon.
Love, Aunt Donna