Dec 8, 2008

Oh my my my....

In the past few weeks my appetite has increased substantially. SERIOUSLY!! Already today I've had breakfast, a piece of coffee cake, a piece of short bread, lunch, another piece of coffee cake, a small brownie and a bar thingy.. HOLY SUGAR.. I feel like I am going to burst. Tomorrow I hit my 29 weeks so I am going to post a picture. I looked at a picture from when I was 17 weeks and WOW have a grown. Wednesday I have my glucose screening. FUN!!

I feel like my blogs are boring and I have no readers. I think that because not that many people comment. What's up with that?? Start commenting PEOPLE. I know that a lot of my family reads this and do they comment?? NOOOOOO... Lets change that. I need some support, words of encouragement, tips..

This past weekend was uneventful. I did a little Christmas shopping, relaxed a little, hung out with my Mom and then Sunday I was sick.. Seems to be a pattern. I spend all of Sunday afternoon and evening in bed so I decided to start reading Twilight. So far so good. I'm almost half way through it. I would much rather read the book first than see then movie. It was only 8.97 at target along with all the other books in the series.

Ok enough of my ranting...



Kristi said...

I always comment :)
I have the entire Twilight series if you want to borrow the rest....

Michelle Leigh said...

I comment too! I craved sugar like crazy when I was preggo, so don't worry about it! I love sweets in general but had to have them all the time all 3 pregnancies!

Anonymous said...

So ummm... want to borrow the book when your done. However, I find that if I watch the movie AFTER I read the book I get so irritated and I HATE the movie cuz the book is always so much better.

I told you that you would start eating like no tomorrow at some point...have you started waking up in the middle of the night yet????

Better cut those sweets out at least the day and a half before going in to that test... the last thing you need is to be deemed borderline diabetic.. or full fledged.... it SUCKS BIG TIME when you can't have what you want and your thought food was important before???? whole new level!!!

~UR resident lurker

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I know what you mean on the comments - I think everyone is starting to realize that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and there is a lot to be done!

I remember going through phases like that in each of my pregnancies - eatting like a bottomless pit for weeks and then not being hungry at all . . . your body does what it wants (and I gained 44 pounds twice without even blinking to prove it!)

Anonymous said...

Alright. You are right. Here I am your Auntie Deb. I make it a habit of looking at your blog every week. Believe it or not I look forward to a new post. You have a really great way of expressing yourself with both humor and humility and I love it. You look beautiful by the way. You will have a gorgeous son no doubt. I am thrilled for you and Brent and your current happiness. By the way this Auntie could use your new address if you wouldn't mind sending it to me at I have been updating my address book and realized you recently moved. Hugs to you. My best as always. Auntie Debbie

mary and dick said...

Hi Kim, this is Auntie Mary and
I have sent you some comments.
Uncle Dick and I will certainly be
happy to see you and your big tummy at Christmas time. I've enjoyed reading your blog every week. I'm sorry I won't be able
to come to your shower in January.
I love the name that you have picked out - Jacob. See you all soon. Hugs