May 19, 2009

3 Months

Happy 3 month Birthday Jacob!!!

I can't believe that you are 3 months already. WOW!! You are getting so big. Everyday you change and Daddy and I love to watch you coo and play. You make the funniest faces and noises. You love to lay on the couch with Mom in the morning and play. You love sucking on your fingers and it keeps you pretty content for a while. You are up to about 15 pounds but I used our scale so it might not be that accurate. You are wearing 3-6 month outfits and you are getting sooooo tall. You still nurse about every two hours. We give you one 4 ounce bottle during the day and one before bed just to make sure you are getting full enough. Your bed time is 8 pm but sometimes it takes until 8:30-9 to get you down for the night. You are still waking up twice a night which I am trying to break you of but you just love to eat. You wake up between 6-8 and love to play with Mommy before your morning nap.
You are a blessing to us. You make us smile with your funny faces and noises. We love you so much.

Yesterday Mommy took you for your first walk without the car seat in the stroller. You loved it.
Here you are at the beginning of our walk.. All smiles...

15 minutes later you passed out.. You must of loved the fresh air.

We look forward to the months to come and all the new things you will learn. Mommy is so excited for you to start cereal next month and then baby food the month after. This is going to be a fun summer..
Love you,


Kristi said...

Time flies! How is Jake 3 months old and I have hardly seen you guys??? We need to spend more time together, this summer especially. I miss you

Aunt Donna said...

Wow!! He looks bigger each post! Please tell him I said Happy 3mo Birthday too. I wish I could see him more often... if I just lived closer!!
Aunt Donna

Robyn said...

wow that was 3 fast months. He's looking great!!

Michelle Leigh said...

How sweet! What a big boy and I can't believe it's been three months already! Wow! He is so adorable!