Jul 13, 2009

It's been a while

I really wanted to stop and take some time to post pictures of Jake and pictures of what we've been up to this summer. Even though we have a lot on our plate I want to make sure that I still keep up with our family blog. So decided today to sit down and post pictures from the past month or two. So be aware this is going to be a long picture post that won't all fit in one post. It's also a hodgepodge of pictures. Sorry for the lack of structure.

My Grandparents dog Holly hanging in Jake's stroller

Some of the fam gathering for our annual 4th of July dart tournament


Troy and Chase at the dart tournament(Mary's husband and son)

More pics of the family at darts

If you get a bully or a score over 75 this is what you have to take

My Mom and Jake at the 4th of July parade

Lori and my nephew Tony playing t-ball

My Brother Jason and Brent with the kids at Spring Fever Days
My Brother Jason and Ton at Spring Fever Days
Jake at Spring Fever days
Lori, Jason and Tony at Spring Fever Days
Brent, Me and Jake at Spring fever days up north

Gizzy lounging at the cabin( his favorite place to be)

Jake and Daddy hanging around the bonfire at the cabin

The Ton man going for a ride in the wagon Grandpa made him

Cousin Howard and Jake at the cabin

Napping outside...

My little sweet pea

Tony and Lori on the pontoon

Sweet Pea's first boat ride

Sweet pea and Daddy hanging in bed at the cabin

Tony giving Jake his nuk

Out to breakfast up at the cabin. Tony was such a good little boy a man next to us gave him a dollar because he noticed how well behaved he is.

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Kristi said...

Nice pictures, Kim. Looks like you've had a nice summer (not counting this terrible condition). Jacob is starting to look more like you! He is adorable and I really miss you guys. They are flying me home for the weekend next week, I hope I can stop by. Call me tonight