Feb 16, 2010

Check up

Jake had an exam under anesthesia yesterday with his eye surgeon. She checks him every 3 months to make sure that his eye disease isn't flaring up. Because FEVR is a chronic disorder it has to be closely monitored. They have to watch for bleeding and monitor the eye pressure levels. When FEVR is bad its really bad and when it's good it's really good. We are happy to report that at this time Jake FEVR is GOOD!! His surgeon is extremely happy with how his eyes are looking. We couldn't be happier. Jake turns 1 tomorrow and this is the BEST birthday present. She will check him again in 3 months and we hope to have great news at that time too.

I had to snap a photo of Jake in his hospital PJ's because he looked so cute. He has stickers on his face to mark left and right eye.


Leslie Collins said...

That is awesome news!

1 already? WOW~ :) Happy Birthday, Jake.

Kristi said...

GREAT News!!!! yay, doing the happy dance for you guys! Happy Birthday to the big guy tomorrow!!

Robyn said...

Who Hoo for the good news, um a year already? Happy Birthday to your little guy!

Nana said...

Wow a year already!! Such good news about his eyes. I plan on helping him celebrate his first birthday!! Love you Jacob!! Nana