Feb 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday

Top ten things that don't make sense to me....

  1. Moms without stretch marks
  2. Operation Repo (how can people think it's real)
  3. Accounting (It was the last class I needed to get my degree. Thank god I sat next to someone who understood it)
  4. Hate or ignorance (to me they go hand and hand)
  5. The cost of college
  6. Lost (It's my favorite show but every time I watch it I find myself saying...HUH. I think I will need to go back when it's over and watch it again. Maybe then I will completely understand it)
  7. How anyone could think that Lima Beans are good. YUCK!!!
  8. The View (Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes me want to jump off a cliff)
  9. How some people don't think The Office is the funniest show ever made
  10. Step Aerobics (it's too confusing for me)


Robyn said...

I feel the same way about Lost. I like the view, but Elizabeth drives me crazy on most days.

Michelle Leigh said...

Um ditto on number 1. What the hell? And I hate the View. Seriously, worst show ever!

Leslie Collins said...

Cannot stand Elizabeth Hassleback. !