Nov 16, 2011

Happy Halloween

I am a little behind in blogging. This fall hasn't been the best for blogging for me. I'm trying to catch up..

This year Jake was an Angry Bird. I figured this would be the last Halloween that I would be able to dress him up all cute. I'm sure next year when he understands more he will want to be a super hero or something. Jake had a Halloween party at daycare during the day and then after dinner I took him out around the neighborhood. Jake and I were really bummed because B was sick and in the hospital but we did send him pictures.
I wheeled Jake from house to house so he wouldn't get tired. He loved it!!

He knocked on every house and said "TRICK OR TREAT". It was adorable.

My neighbor Aleta snapped a couple pictures for us. 

Jake trying to open get in for some candy.

Jake and I had a really nice time together. He figured out how to open the candy. Half way down the street I looked back and he was eating his candy. Once he realized that he got candy by saying trick or treat he was all in to it. 

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Olivia Grace said...

He looks adorable!! He's so sweet, Kim!! I hope B is doing better, thoughts and prayers going out to yall!!! Miss you my friend!!