Nov 19, 2011

Happy Saturday!

The top 10 things that made me happy this week

1. Jake. I know that he always makes my list but this week he made me extra happy. He started signing the itsy bitsy spider song to B and I looked at him and realized how happy he makes us. He keeps me strong through everything. I know that he is the reason I get up every morning. He is the reason I can hold it together when everything else feels like it's falling apart. 

2. B. B and I did a lot of talking this week. I look at him and wonder how a person could go through everything he goes through and all the pain he is in and still be strong. I know there are times when I think he is impossible but I don't think I could ever go through what he has gone through. It truly has strengthened our relationship. I pray everyday that he will get better and finally have the health that he deserves. 

3. Work. Although my work is very stressful right now I feel blessed to have a job that I love and work for a company that I feel truly cares about me and my family. This week I did a lot of interviews and hired 2 new people and that makes me happy. 

4. My neighborhood. B and I moved into our house a little over a year ago. We were very lucky to find a great neighborhood. I feel pretty close to a lot of my neighbors and with everything we are going through they have been there for us. Today someone brought my garbage can up. Even something small like that puts a big smile on my face. 

5. Marianne's Kitchen. This is a little deli by my work that I love. I think I ate there 2 times this week. I get the same thing everything time. A turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomato, onions and special sauce. I don't know what it is about this place but I love it. Everything in the deli is homemade. Yummy!

6. My co-worker George. I work at a family owned hardware store. We have 16 locations. George is a sales associate that works in the store below our corporate office. George is 84 years old and has been with our company for 16 years. This week channel 5 came out and did a story on George and aired it on the local news. The story was about working way past retirement age. George is just an all around good guy. He always has something nice to say and people come in the store just to see him. I feel blessed to have met such a great guy and I am happy that I get to work with him. 

7. My car. Last weekend I drove up north 2.5 hours to visit my good friend Dani. I filled up my gas tank before I left. That same tank of gas got me up to her house and back. Plus back and forth to work all week and up to Stacy(35 minutes) and back today. It is so nice to finally have a car that gets pretty good gas mileage and that I actually like to drive. 

8. Scarf Swap. My scarf swap partner finally got her package. Check it out Kassie and I had an address mix up and the package that I originally sent to her got returned so she didn't get her package until today. She loved it and that makes me very happy.

9. Jake and Gizmo. B and I noticed this week that Jake and Gizmo have become bff. This has taken almost 3 years. Gizmo wanted nothing to do with Jake until recently. Now they play together and rough house. It's fun to watch and I'm glad that Giz finally came around. 

10. Fruity Cheerio's. If you haven't tried them yet you need to go out and buy them tomorrow. They taste just like fruit loops but they are only 110 calories per serving. Lately this has been my dinner because Brent can't really eat much and I haven't been making dinner. 

Sorry this was a long top 10 but I have a lot to say. I guess that's what happens when you don't blog for a while. 


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Work is sometimes one of those unusual places that make me happy too oddly enough.

Kristi said...

I wish my car got gas mileage that good!

Robyn said...

I hope B gets well soon. I can't imagine going through what you guys do.
It is so nice to have good gas mileage isn't it? I love that about my car too,

anne said...

Hi! I feel bad- you always comment on my blog but I don't return the favor. Sounds like you've been going through a lot this fall. Hope you and your family can spend some quality time together relaxing over the holidays.