Nov 6, 2009

Bulletpoint Friday

I've noticed a bulletpoint trend here in the blog world so I decided to make today my bulletpoint day. Here we go.

  • B  left about an hour ago to go hunting and I already miss him..  : (
  • I finally caught up on all my blogs in my google reader. I like this November blog month because its nice to have so many different topics to read about.
  • I want a new camera soooooo bad for Christmas. I LOVE taking pictures and I really want to do it more but I feel like I need a good camera to start with.
  • Has anyone heard of GIMP? It's a photo editor and everyone rants and raves about it but I can't figure it out for the life of me.
  • I want someone to tell me how to take a picture where the subject is in focus but everything around it is out of focus.
  • I wish that fall lasted longer than a few months.
  • No one ever told me how hard the teething stage was. Thanks a lot
  • I love to cook and want to start a recipe blog.... hmmmm
  • It sucks when you have one nice vehicle and one crappy one and then your other half goes out of town and leaves you with the crappy vehicle. UGH
  • I swear someone took all their leaves and dumped them on our lawn. The other day the trees were bare and the leaves were picked up and now it's like we never raked. (and by we I mean Brent)
  • There is this guy across the street that is obsessed with his leaf blower. He blows all hours of the night. and he's been doing it since the snow melted. He blows everything even the snow off his truck. He just loves that damn blower.
  • I can't wait for Jake to sit up. I pray that everyday will be the day. Because of his blindness he is delayed in many areas but man can he play his piano..
That's all I got for now...


Michelle Leigh said...

Yep, teething sucks. Well, Annika was great at it, but the other two,not so much.

The blur in the background has to do with your lens and f/stop. Most point and shoots are all auto and you can't adjust your settings. Some though allow you to lower your aperture, a nice open aperture will give you the blur.

I'd read the recipe blog!

I've never heard of gimp, sorry!

Robyn said...

I like to cook too, I just wish someone else would clean up.

Kristi said...

s just going to say ditto to what Michelle said about the camera and blurred background. The camera I am using is a point and shoot but you can also use manual settings. I love it, need to get one of my own since I need to give my dad's back to him tomorrow :(
Hope you make it through teething soon and that Jake finally sits up!