Nov 10, 2009

How's it going?

It's been crazy at our house with the baby cutting his first tooth. Holy crabby!! He has so many coming in and he is sooooo crabby. Sleepless nights and a lot of tears.. My poor baby. I can't wait for this teething phase to be over with. UGH!!!

So how is everyone doing with the blogging everyday in November? I've already failed and missed a day but am trying to keep it going. It's hard to come up with something to talk about every single day. Are you finding it easier when you use a theme like TFT or Top Ten Tuesday? Does anyone have any other ideas??

How about sharing recipes??

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Kristi said...

I hope the teething process goes quick for both your and Jake's sake!

I didn't sign up for napblo but I am trying to blog every day anyway, when I have time. This month I am also posting all my favorites on the Photo Hunt Challenges blog so I am very busy with all my blogs! If you need ideas, check out