Nov 2, 2009

HodgePodge Halloween Monday

I have sooo many pictures to post so I decided to make today a hodge podge Halloween picture day.

PS.... I don't know if anyone else had this problem but blogger switched the way everything is set up so posting all these pictures took much longer than it should have.

Jake at Zoo Boo

Anyone that knows Jake knows how he HATES to hold up his head. This was as good as I could get until he started screaming. Oh well. Still cute!

Jake and Daddy picking out pumpkins

Look how good Ton Man sits

Martha made pumpkins for the kids.

Jake in his Monkey costume

Grandpa, Jake and Martha

Jake is his Halloween outfit

Jake has a hard time sitting but still did a great job.

Mama and Jake at the pumpkin patch

Auntie Syn and Jake

Big Jake and little Jake


Leslie Collins said...

Reyna was a monkey, too. :) Cute pic's.

Kristi said...

Jake is too cute as a little monkey!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! Jake is getting so big, and he looks like he really enjoyed Halloween!