Nov 11, 2009

Why me Wednesday!

I hate to whine but today is a WHY ME WEDNESDAY!! Some days you just need to vent and today happens to me my day. I hope you all don't mind. I've decided to use bulletpoints to make for easy reading. See I care. I will throw a couple happy points in to shake things up...

  • I can't shake this cold for the life of me. I keep thinking I have something more and I'm dying. I know, I'm so dramatic.
  • My poor little boy is teething and holy MOLY is he crabby. Sleep is a thing of the past. Oh wait! He didn't sleep in the past either. Oh well our time will come again. I just feel so bad for him.
  • I've been going to the gym for about two months but can't go everyday because of our schedule so I am ashamed to say I haven't lost any weight but I think I am toning(that is what I am telling myself). I'm frustrated and I'm just going to say it.. I need help!!!
  • I wish I could wiggle my nose and get B a new job. He is so tired from working 60+ hours a week. I'm afraid they are going to break him.
  • I Love Christmas and can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving so I can put up my tree. (happy bullet)
  • I love staying home with my son but I need a hobby. I've always worked and even though we are busy with therapy, doctors visits, playing, learning, I still need something to keep my sanity.
  • I want a REALLY good camera for christmas. The one I want is like 599.00. That seems a little extreme.
  • Does anyone else have problems posting pictures in blogger now or is it just me? There is also no spell checker anymore, unless I just can't see it. Oh and I am a poor speller so I need that.
  • Even after all my why me bulletpoints I can still say that I love my life and I am very lucky have such wonderful people in my life. Especially B and my little man Buggy.
That's all for this edition of why me Wednesday.



Robyn said...

I kind of like the new photo thing since I can now place them when and where I want to instead of uploading them all and having to try and move them. I use foxfire as a browser and it automatically does spell check.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a day to complain once in awhile! I am not having a problem with pictures, but also cannot find the spell check! I have been typing my posts in Word, spellchecking them there, and then pasting them into Blogger.

And I feel you on the gym thing . . . I walked/ran with Cooper and Maren almost everyday last summer/fall, but have had to sit it out this year because I just can't seem to swing it with 3 kids!