Nov 4, 2009

Wednesday Works or Woof Wednesday

I realized with all of us blogging every single day in November our topics may get sorta out there or really reaching. I decided to share some thoughts on my dog Gizmo for my topic on Wednesday Works. Some of you may have read an older post on Gizmo and if not you can click here.

Before Jake was born Gizmo was my life. I was sorta obsessed with him. I thought of him and my old dog Gus as my children. As soon as Jake was born my feelings changed and all the things I thought were cute were now not so much. Don't get me wrong I do love Gizmo but it's like a screw went loose the minute Jake walked in the door. Everyone says it's jealousy and I'm sure that's the case seeings as how he used to get hours of cuddle time and after Jake it turned into minutes. It's strange to me how my kid can scream for hours and my nerves are still okay and then the minute I trip over my dog I lose it.

What I would like my family to work on is finding more patience for our four legged furry friend that we once adored. Brent used to have hour long cuddle sessions with Giz and I would get jealous now the sight Giz makes Brent scream. I feel bad for my little buddy and I would like to get back what we once had. So to you Gizmo this is your Mom saying I promise to try harder if you promise to not.....

Run out in the street almost giving me a heart attack
Lick  Jake's face and head
Jump over Jake's face when you hear someone at the door
Eat the garbage
Tear up the diaper bag
Pee on Jake's toys
Attack the vacuum
Take out every single toy you have in your toy box and not play with any of them(and then I trip)

If you can work on these things I will give you more cuddle time.


Kristi said...

Good luck with Giz!

Anonymous said...

Our dog definitely took a backseat when the kids arrived. It used to really bother me, and I felt guilty for it - and now I don't. I am not sure why exactly . . . maybe the fact that the dog loves me no matter what, and won't spend the rest of his life blaming me if I don't take him for a walk. The kids, on the other hand . . .