May 17, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Today was a gorgeous day in MN. Jake and I woke up ate breakfast and headed over to my Sister's house. I live right out side of Minneapolis but grew up in White Bear Lake. My Sister still lives in WBL and I love to go there and walk with her a couple times a week. Whenever I'm in WBL I get the feeling of nostalgia. I have the best memories of living there. When we were looking for houses we searched high and low for a house there but couldn't find one in our budget. We decided our second home will be in WBL. No matter what.

When we got to my Sisters house her husbands cousin cut Jake's bangs. I wanted him to not look so shaggy when we head out to Michigan Friday. I couldn't bring myself to cut the rest of his hair just the bangs this time. After Jake's little hair trim we headed out for a walk. We walked uptown and let Jake out of the stroller to run around a little.

  I ended up chasing Jake around. He had a blast exploring. After that we got Jake back in the stroller and walked down to the lake. Along the way Auntie Tracy had to stop at Grandma's Bakery and get Jake a cookie.

Normally when I ask for a bite he is more than happy to share but he wasn't about to let me have any of his cookie.

I look some pictures along the way trying to get some shots for May's Photohunt Challenge. I'm hoping to complete two challenges in a row but if I keep going at this rate I won't get enough pictures.

 On our way back we stopped and had lunch and then walked back to my Sister's house just in time to get Jake home for a nap. After nap and dinner we all spent the evening hanging out on the deck. Jake had a great time playing with Gizmo and exploring the yard. That is until he took his shoes off and then he wouldn't walk on the grass. 
Hi, Mama!!
Gizmo trying to get a break from Jake
Didn't last long.

After playing for a couple hours we brought Jake in for a tub and a book and then to bed. I thought for sure he would crash the minute he hit the pillow because of all the fresh air and playing but NOOOO it is 10:08 and I can still him in his crib playing. 

Can't wait for another beautiful day tomorrow. I need to start working on my yard. 


Dana Leigh said...

What a beautiful day to enjoy. Cute pictures too.

simona said...

oh i'm jealous you can see your sister so frequently. but i'm also happy for you. :) sounds like you had a really nice and peaceful day today.
my sister lives an ocean apart from me, and that's quite hard. but we have a blog together that makes us feel like we're really much closer together.

Ang said...

Love the pics! That dog looks mean, but I'm sure he's great with Jake!
I'm hoping the weather is here to stay finally... we deserve it, right?!

Kristi said...

Yesterday was pure weather perfection! Love it, glad you guys got to enjoy it!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am SO happy the weather is finally getting nice around here! Now if it could just be nice enough so I can open my pool!

Leslie Collins said...

The days I think the girls are just going to crash after a really long day is the day they give us a really hard time @ bed time...I just do not get it. I love that the flowers are out and it is finally nice out.