Jun 14, 2011

10 Day You Challenge

I picked up this challenge on Real Life: Live & Unscripted. I'm going to take on this challenge but not in 10 days. I think in 10 posts. I think 10 days in a row of ME is a bit much for anyone. Also my 10 secrets might be not be all secrets.

If you want to join in the 10 day challenge. Feel free to grab the button above and use it on your blog.

I am going to start doing these every Tuesday along with a fellow blogger over at Football, Sushi and the Pursuit of Happiness.

10. I am a horrible procrastinator. I have to make lists and MAKE myself stick to them.
9. I haven't worked out in 2-3 weeks. I can't believe I admitted that. I would be so mad at myself if I gained back the 30 pounds that I lost but I had to freeze my gym membership due to money problems. Time to start working out in my basement.
8. I'm a horrible speller and suck at grammar. That's probably not a secret to those of you that read my blog.
7. I can't cook chicken for the life of me. I'm a good cook or at least I think I am but I have a strange fear of under cooked chicken so I always over cook it.
6. I am addicted to reality TV.
5. I have a strange fear of birds.
4. My favorite animals are pigs. I love them. So much so that I will not eat pork.
3. I take a nap almost everyday when Jake does. So bad.
2. I think I might need therapy to help me through the cancellation of All My Children. Lol
1. I love getting tattoos. I like the way it feels. So strange I know.

There you go. Now if you want to delete my blog after reading that I understand. Lol.


Ang said...

HMMMM....I may have to give this one a try... it looks like good material. I don't know if I have 10 secrets I'm willing to share though!

Laura said...

Hi! I keep seeing your comments on blogs I follow and it just occurred to me today that you probably have a blog (duh me). So count me as your newest follower. :)

The pig thing I can't get behind though. I grew up on a hog farm and I don't eat a lot of pork either, but not because I love them.

I am on summer break and every day I'm home with my girls I take a nap when they do too - my oldest "just won't take one without me," or so I tell anyone who questions this practice.

I've been sucking at blogging the past, oh 6 months, so I think I'll take the 10 day challenge too.

And now that I've left a comment long enough to be it's own blog post... :)

Olivia Grace said...

I have the same chicken problem, drives me crazy!!! My poor famiy is constantly subjected to dried out chicken thanks to my fear of salmonella!! HA! This is a great list, your honesty is so refreshing:)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I totally love getting tats too =-) Such an addiction! I can't wait to get my 4th in September!

HeatherB said...

I am also extremely afraid of birds. Like crazy, probably should seek professional help afraid.

I think I am still functional though - as long as there are no birds around.

Kristi said...

I like this idea, I might join in too.