Jun 17, 2011

All About Jake

Normally on Friday's I post Friday Night Leftovers but I was thinking today about how I haven't really posted a Jake update for a while. I want to have this blog for him to look back on when is older and see what he was like as a child. So I am going to try to post more updates about Jake. At least every few months.

Today Jake is exactly 28 months old. I attempted to weigh him tonight before bed. The scale said 35 pounds but he was jumping and playing around. I'm thinking he is about 33-34 pounds. He is getting tall and his feet are growing like weeds. He is in a size 6 shoe and 2T clothes. Jake is still napping everyday from about 1 to 3:30. Bed time is somewhere between 7:30 and 8 pm. Although he usually plays in his crib for about an hour before he falls asleep. He is waking up around 8-8:30 am depending on how his night went. Jake is still rocking a lot at night. If he has a bad night he will rock anywhere from 1-2 hours. On those nights he usually doesn't wake up until 9 am. Jake has speech and sensory therapy twice a week. He started Speech therapy almost a year ago and at that time he had little to no words. Now he is saying almost everything. We meet his new vision teacher next week and we can't wait.

Everyday is a battle with him to wear his glasses. For some reason Jake always holds his hand over his left eye and when he has his glasses on he can't do that so he pulls them off. I think it's going to be hard until we can communicate more with him and explain why they are so important to wear. Jake's eye disorder has been stable since his surgery. We still have exams under anesthesia frequently to monitor his eyes but we've been blessed with all good reports so far.

Favorite foods
French Fries

Favorite Toys
Match Box cars
His slide

Let's go
What's that?
French Fry
Many more

Jake loves to be outside. In fact if I let him he would stay outside all day and night. He loves going down his new slide. He loves wagon rides with Gizzy. Jake LOVES bath time and brushing his teeth.

Jake is growing up so fast and doing so many things now. Where did my little baby go. I think it might be time to get him a big boy hair cut but I am having a hard time with that. He is still in a crib and I think I am going to keep him in there for his safety for a while.

I cherish the moments I get to spend with Jake. B and I are discussing me going back to work because money is getting really tight and I am scared to leave him and sad to lose all the time I have with him during the day. I do think it might be good for him to be with other kids during the day though. Sad.

Here are some newer pictures of Jake.

Jake loves the yard. The neighbors cotton tree makes a mess out of our yard.
One of Jake's favorite things to do is hang out with Daddy
Friday nights is pizza night. He loves pizza. He is now able to pick it up and eat it instead
of me having to cut it up in little pieces. Tonight he ate two whole pieces. Growing boy!
Jake just learned how to use a straw. Now he wants to drink everything out of a straw.
Jake loves rides with Papa and Molly up at the cabin
Jake's two new favorite braille books that he got.
One of Jake's favorite toys
Jake and his friend Emily.  We were blessed to meet a family with a daughter that has the same eye disorder as Jake. Now he has a friend just like him that he can relate to. 
First bike ride. He doesn't look like he is having fun but he had a blast. 
Dare Devil

First real injury. He went down the slide face first as you can see from the picture above this one.

So there you have it. Jake please slow down so I can take everything in. You are just growing up way to fast for me. I love you baby.



Olivia Grace said...

What an angel! You are blessed with a precious little boy!!!

Kristi said...

He is such a sweetie and is such a big boy. I am all for short hair on boys but jake is cute no matter what you decide about the haircut. Family portraits coming up

JDS said...

I love the glasses. You should keep doing posts like this - it is amazing how fast kids grow up.

Ashley Sisk said...

He looks like a kid with character - I'm loving the glasses!

Dana Leigh said...

Nice pictures. I love the first one of him in the grass.

Danifred said...

Ah yes, how a little one in our house loves the head first sliding!