Jun 29, 2011

10 Post You Challenge- 8 Fears

I was going to try and post these every Tuesday but with my new job and trying to figure out my schedule I didn't have time to get to it yesterday so I am posting it today. I haven't even had a chance to comment  on all the blogs I read so for that I apologize. I might not be commenting much until I get my time management under control but I am still reading.. Don't give up on me.

8. Flocks of birds flying to close over my head
7. Swimming in lakes or the ocean in the dark
6. Spiders
5. Gaining the 30 pounds that I lost back
4. Global Warming
3. Not being able to learn my new job
2. Jake choking ( this one terrifies me. I cut up everything)
1. Failure in every aspect of my life

So there is my list. If you would like to take the 10 Day You Challenge or as I call it 10 Post Challenge, feel free to grab the button above and use it in your blog. 


Ang said...

Good list - I found the fears to be freeing... we'll see what the rest brings!

Robyn said...

Spiders, check. Gaining back weight, check. Failure, check. I'm with you on those.

Dana said...

#6 is the worst fear for me!