Oct 27, 2008

Monday! UGH!

The weekend went way too fast.

I am exhausted today. B and I spend the weekend doing everything but relaxing. I don't know if I mentioned this before but our house has a separate Mother In-Law apartment in it and over the weekend we moved the MIL in. B's mom has been living in a senior community apartment for the past 6 months and was miserable!! After MUCH discussion we decided to have her come live with us. We realized that this was going to be a challenge but wanted to give it a try to help her out and it helps us financially as well. She has her own living room, bedroom and kitchen which is nice because we wanted to keep our privacy and live as separate as possible while still being able to help her out. So we spent all Saturday getting the MIL moved in. B pretty much did it all on his own with the help of his two teenage nephews. I wasn't much help so I started priming the baby room. The people who had this house before us thought BRIGHT green would be a great color for a bedroom. One coat of primer barely covered it. So much for getting the room done over the weekend. It looks like this might take me a while. UGH...

Sunday B and I had to go over to the old place to clean. FUN!! Thank god it only took us about an hour(I guess having a clean freak for my man pays off).
Sunday afternoon B and I actually got to hang out with each other. WOW!! What a concept. We stopped by a few of our old hang outs to chit chat with the locals and then headed home. We didn't feel like cooking so we ordered Chinese.
B and I popped in Indiana Jones and B made it about 45 min before he was old COLD. We ended up just turning it off and heading to bed around 9. All in all the weekend was busy. We are looking forward to next weekend because we have NOTHING planned.

Oh my gosh I forgot to mention... The baby is moving so much lately. It is soooo cool but it's such a strange feeling. The other day I felt it when I had my hand on my tummy. B felt it last night with his hand. It was amazing!! One minute he or she is sticking out my lower right side and then ten minutes later he or she is above my belly button on the left side.
I will post pictures soon.

Have a great Monday!!!


Kristi said...

Wow, I had no idea about your MIL moving in....good luck with that! It will probably be nice once the baby comes :)

Leslie Collins said...

I loved the feeling when Reyna was moving around in my belly. How exciting.

Robyn said...

Baby movement is the best.