Oct 9, 2008

Red Lobster

No TFT today....
How many of you like Red Robster? Well I love it. When I was a small child it was the fancy place that my parents would go once in a blue moon and bring home hush puppy left overs. Now it's not as fancy and the quality is not like the good old days but I still like it. My Dad still wants to go there every year on his birthday.
Well last night I met one of my oldest and dearest friends for dinner at Red Lobster. Danielle and I have been friends since 9th grade where we met in science class. We've had a very strong connection ever since then. We have GREAT memories over the years. Her and I could sit in a room and just laugh for hours. She just gets me like only a few do. We've been to Red Lobster many times over the years and even though D gets so freaked out by crab she always get them. Then I get to watch her and the crab legs fight all through dinner. It's pretty entertaining.
She is one of the funniest people I know. I bet you couldn't find one person that doesn't like her.
Danielle is also a very strong woman. She spent 2 years in IRAQ fighting for our country. Everyday that she was gone I worried and now that she is home the time I get to spend with her is VERY important to me. Last night she told me that she might be moving 2 hours up north to go to school for law enforcement. Although I am sad that I will not be a short drive away from her I know that this is something she has always wanted to do and will be good at. Good Luck Dani. I will miss you. Can't wait to visit.

I wanted to share some pics of us over the years. WARNING!! Some are from about 10 years ago when I was a young pup.. UGH!!
Danielle and I have taken many trip through the years and there are a few from those times. I think we are about 21 in these pictures. I think I am wearing overalls in the second picture.. NERD!!

This is a picture a few years ago when Dani was on leave from IRAQ
This was from our trip to Garrison about 8-9 years ago.
This is from a another leave Dani had. She may get mad that I posted this one because she has a black eye. Sorry D.

I act like she is going back to IRAQ when she will only be 2 hours away.. What can I say she is just a great person to have in your corner. This post sounds like an ODE to Danielle. HAHA


Kristi said...

Since it is an ode to Danielle, I will just add that Danielle is an awesome girl and I have known her forever also. We played soccer together for many years and were good friends for a long time. I didn't know she was thinking of moving up north, but good for her!

Robyn said...

Great ode. 2 hours is nothing.
As for Red Lobster I love the cheddar biscuits, and that is about it and I do like sea food.