Apr 4, 2011

Happy Sunday!

I decided to move my top ten for the week to Sundays because it makes more sense to me. Yes I know that it's Monday today but yesterday was so hectic I was unable to find the time to post my list. My family and I didn't have a very good week but it wasn't all bad. So here is my top ten things that made me happy for the week(one day late).

1) My Sister and I had a very nice lunch together at one of my favorite places Washington Square in downtown White Bear Lake
2) Jake is saying like 7 words clearly. 
3) My Best Friend Mary and I were finally able to get together. We went and played bingo and then went back to her house and made tacos. It was very nice to see her and to get out for some girl time. 
4) The weather. It is really starting to feel like spring. FINALLY!!
5) I got a new phone with a touch screen. I didn't think I would like it but I love it!
6) I finally got internet on my phone. I was able to call T-Mobile and talk them into adding it to both our lines for no additional charge. 
7) I started painting my nails. I know it sounds strange but for some reason it makes me happy.
8) Went shopping with my Sister. I love spending time with her. 
9) Jake had an awesome week at therapy. Great reports from both of his therapists.
10) Yesterday Jake and I went to my Niece Leah's baptism. I loved seeing my family and spending time with my Nieces and Nephew. Jake went all day without a lap and did very well. He was in bed by 7:30. He was such a good little man. 

So there is my list!! I'm hoping this week gets better. Mr. B is in the hospital AGAIN! Second time in two weeks. We are all praying for him to get better fast so we can get him home with us. 



Robyn said...

I love my touch screen and internet too. We don't have true smartphones, but they are fairly close. My hubby was going to get rid of the internet on our phones to lower the bill, I said I will chip in the 30 dollars since that is the most used option on my phone.

Ang said...

Painted nails are an awesome way to cheer a girl up. I started painting my nail last summer and noticed it improved my mood by like a million! I've since stopped (not sure why) but I'm going to a wedding in Duluth this weekend and plan to have my nails painted for that - here's hoping I can stick with it this time!