Apr 27, 2011

Pizza Party

Last weekend Jake and I headed up to my Brother Jason's and Sister In-law Lori's house to have homemade pizza's and to visit. Here are some pics from the fun night.

Tony made our pizzas
A few olives never hurt
All done!
Good job Ton Man!!
Leah sat at the table and watched Tony make the pizzas. Tony was making some funny voices. She thought it was so funny
So did Jake!
Silly Tony
Playing blocks
He stacked these all by himself. Way to go Jake!
Cousins playing so good together
Jake playing with Uncle Jay
Comparing hands
Thank you Jason, Lori, Tony, Leah and Maddy for having us over. It was a fun night.


Ang said...

now i want pizza... i should look into home made pizza... it's gotta be cheaper, right?!

Kristi said...

I love family pizza night :)

Ashley said...

hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Yes- that is a water table in the pics- both of my kids love it :) We just got if for Easter- Henry climbs inside of it- and my daughter (who's older) actually uses it- like plays with the boats and wheels. It was cheap too :)

And i'm not sure what a mommy badge is! You'll have to tell me!

Dana Leigh said...

Making homemade pizza is fun! I should do that more often. Cute pics!