Apr 28, 2011

Just Thursday

Outside my window.. A beautiful deck that we haven't been able to enjoy do to the weather
Today I feel..Hopeful
I am thankful. Jake has been sleeping good this week(now that I said this out loud he won't tonight. That always happens to me
Tomorrow I am going.. To go the gym or get some sort of exercise and put my Avon orders in
I am wearing..A pair of black yoga pants and a blue sweatshirt
I wish.. had the energy to make dinner
This weekend.. I have a b-day dinner to go to Saturday night and dinner up at my Dad's Sunday
I am reading.. Cookbook after cookbook(I'm obsessed) oh and lots of blogs
I am working on..my jewelry, blog, photo-hunt and Avon
Yesterday I.. I realized I need to get back to the gym but still didn't go(what is wrong with me??)
I am hoping.. Mr.B starts to feel better and our lives get back to somewhat normal
I am hearing.. Jake playing under the table with his cars
I bet you didn't know.. I stay up until about 2 am every night because my mind won't shut off
One of my favorite.. Shows is Parenthood

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