Apr 7, 2011

Thoughts For Thursday

Before I give you the topic of this week's TFT I have to give you a background story (sorry for the length). 

The other day I was out shopping while I waited for Jake to finish up his therapy session. I noticed that my hand felt strange. I looked down and my engagement ring was missing. I thought to myself it's probably at home by the sink where I took it off when putting on lotion this morning. I didn't initially panic. When I got home I went right to the bathroom and it wasn't there. So I call Mr. B and have him look in his hospital room for it because I think I remember taking it off while putting on lotion there too (see a pattern). Nothing! 
I thought to myself that it may have fallen down the drain when I out lotion on this morning so I decided to look. I think I see something shiny. So I get out the tools. Flashlight check, wrench check, hammer check (not sure why I needed the hammer). I proceed to remove the drainpipe determined to find my ring. After releasing some foul smelling water all over the place I see nothing. 
I'm getting to the point....
On to plan B. I know that my next step in my mission is the garbage. I did however just clean the fridge out so I decided to eat my lunch before tackling the garbage so I don't lose my appetite. I sit down to eat my lunch and as I'm sitting there I start to think about the dream that I had the night before. I had a nightmare about Mr. B. I was soooo mad at him in my dream.. I think to myself, did I take my ring off last night in my dream when I was mad at Mr.B?? I walk over to the couch where I slept the night before and in the there in the cushions is my ring. Are you kidding me?? I took it off while I was sleeping and stashed it under the cushion. Who does that??

So finally my question for this weeks TFT is what have you done something strange while you were sleeping. Example: Eat, sleep walk, hit someone, etc. 

If you made it through my whole story thank you. Now it's time to share your story. 


Ang said...

I've never done anything like that - I often times have dreams that seem real but nothing to your extent! I never would have thought to look in the couch - crazy!

I am not the type of person to have very vivid dreams either, I'm way jealous of people who do - I think it's a fascinating thing!

Kristi said...

First of all, thank goodness you found your ring!
I have slept-walked on a few occasions back in HS and I have also talked in my sleep. I know someone who is a sleep-eater and will get up in the middle of the night and eat strange things.