Mar 20, 2017

5 Day Goal Challenge!

With our move a little more than a month away you would think we would be spending our weekends packing and getting organized. NOPE!! I have this fear that we are going to come up on a week or two before the move and nothing will be done. I guess it is hard for me to want to do anything other than spend every minute of the weekend with my boys doing fun stuff. This is because enough though Jake and I are moving to our Happy Place soon, we still only get to see Mr. J on the weekends.
To say that I need to set some goals is an understatement. I clearly can't be trusted to spend my time wisely.
To help me with this task I decided to participate in Trish's 5 Day Goals Challenge.

 My 5 day goal is to pick a room or area of my house each night to focus on packing. Tonight I will work packing up my living room. I need accountability. Check back next week to see how I did. I will make sure that I take pictures. If you want to set some goals and participate in Trish's 5 Day Goals Challenge click the link.

Happy Spring Everyone!!!


Krysten Quiles said...

Oh man good luck! I need a goal. I think my goal for this week is to get our old living room furniture out of our house? We have new stuff coming and my house is feeling a little overwhelming lol.

Good luck on packing! You can totally do it!

Bethie The Boo said...

I was just commenting on Trish's blog that a five day goal challenge seems so much more attainable than a month or a year or something like that. It breaks it down little by little. And good luck with packing, it's one of my least favorite tasks, but hopefully knowing you're going somewhere you love will help!

Trish @ The Trish List said...

That's a great goal! Get it girl!

Charlotte Klein said...

That's a great goal! I think it's great you're tackling your rooms one by one... makes it a lot more manageable than seeing the entire picture. Best of luck (I haven't moved in a while but it's likely we'll do that in July. And it is SO stressful, so I wish you all the best!).


Gillian Kent said...

This is the only way t do it or your head will explode. I'm getting mine ready to go on the market if/when I find a new place. One thing at a time.

jenn said...

i have been in the midst of mucking out my room for the better part of the week, and i'm still not done. five days? it's looking more like it'll be five weeks for me.

Kimberly said...

I've only had to pack once (so far) and it was oh-my-goodness-pass-all-the-cups-of-coffee - so packing up one room at a time is a good plan of attack. You've got this!

Kristi said...

Ambitious! Good luck!