Mar 23, 2017

Thinking Out Loud Thursday- Reaching the End of My 30's

I am linking up with the blog Penny's Passion called "Thinking Out Loud Thursday". What I'm thinking about lately is that I am going to be entering the last days of my 30's in less than 27 days. Holy shit! I certainly do not feel 39 and know for a fact I'm not ready to start a new decade as a 40 something. In the interest of documenting the what I have learned over last 3 decades of my life, I have been compiling a list. Here are some highlights.

1) I've learned to shut up and listen! In my younger I would shoot from the hip. React first and think later. I think this lesson comes with maturity but in my profession and in my personal life I have found that it is better to take it in and put some thought into your words before you react.

2) My face will not always look so youthful and be wrinkle free(and that is OK). It's kind of a reality check when you stopped getting carded when you order a drink at dinner. I hope to age gracefully and not kicking and screaming.

3) Saying sorry and excepting an apology isn't so hard and doesn't make you weak. My lifelong friends and family will tell you I was the grudge holder. I hate to admit it but I have some times gone years without talking to a friend or family member because of an argument. I have lost years with important people that I will never get back because of it. As I have gotten older I realize to resolve a conflict with someone I love is more important than being right.

4) Don't push your opinions and judgement on your friends and how they live their lives. I used to be that friend that if you told me something I didn't agree about your life I would be all over you with judgement and my opinions on what I think YOU should do. I have learned to offer my advice when asked and to just be there to listen. Don't get me wrong, if you are doing something that is detrimental to your health or your children's health you will hear it from me but I have learned that your path is yours and I would rather build you up and support you in your path than tear you down.

5) Being happily Divorced is so much better than being unhappily married. I might someday share my experience as an unhappily married woman and now a blissfully happy divorced woman but for now I will just say. Don't settle for less!

 So there is my short list. Stay tuned for more as I creep closer to the my 39th year finish line and embark on my new adventure as a 40 something.

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Kimberly said...

Well hello name twin ;)
Number 4 gets my solid YES!
At any given point in time, please just don't tell me what I need to be doing unless my foundation is not on point - then please tell me. Let me explain that one. I was wearing the wrong shade of foundation for a long time and no one told me. Then one day someone took a picture and I was like "WTH?! why didn't you tell me that i needed a shade lighter?" See, it's all about balance.
And I agree with you about being happy. You have to be happy. Have to. It's your life girl.

Bethie The Boo said...

Ah yes, that good old saying "with age comes wisdom" right? But seriously, these are all great life things - I definitely agree with a lot of them, number 3 and 4 especially! I'm glad that as you enter your last year of your 30's you are finding happiness though - that is what matters most! xo

Chrissy said...

I absolutely agree with your life lessons!
I am 41 and definitely not as wrinkle free as I was 10 years ago - but I accept my wrinkles, they belong to me!
Saying sorry is not hard and accepting an apology isn't either. It's such a waste of time to hold grudges!
Happy Thursday xxx

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Early Birthday - and these are all great lessons to learn! I'm glad that you realized that being happily divorced is better than being unhappily married. More people probably SHOULD think about that, but a lot of things - like religion, kids, etc. - get in the way.


Crystal said...

I love this! I turned 30 last year and it was so strange to realize that even though I always had a hard time imagining myself at 40 and thought I'd feel old, I feel like I've finally learned to love and embrace myself. (I mean, I have moments... I think everyone does... but most of the time at least.) Loved reading all your thoughts!

Penny Struebig said...

So glad you linked up to Thinking Out Loud Thursday today! Love every single point you made in this post. Enjoy your last few days in your 30s. But let me tell you from experience - your 40s are going to be GREAT!

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

Amen to all of these!

Divya Mathur said...

#1 #1 #1 #1!!

I have always been a talker. I put my opinion where it's not asked for. And then I end up putting my foot in my mouth.

I'm still learning but I think I'm getting better!

Krysten Quiles said...

Oh man, #5. I remember when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to get divorced and how scared I was. I was far from happy but I hate change. Such a sad reason to stay with someone!

I'm so happy you made the choice that was best for you and it sounds to me like you are much better off!

Angie Church said...

what a great list as we age we start to consider more the beauty inside as the beauty outside begins to change never disappearing just fading. Your last is a great one and a reason we should live as we feel. We owe it to ourselves to be happy
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Sandra Bond said...

Love the life lessons - wholeheartedly agree (<-- this coming from another person who has recently crossed into the 40's). ;)