Mar 10, 2011

20 things

I decided to switch it up a little and blog about the 20 things I can't live without. Feel free to post your 20 things on your blog too.

  1. My son Jake. Of course this is a given. He is the light of my life and without him I would be lost
  2. Brent, my friends and Family
  3. God
  4. Cell Phone
  5. Bare Minerals makeup
  6. Sebastian Professional-Light Shampoo and Conditioner (the best there is)
  7. Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment (I was blessed with horrible skin. This stuff is a must)
  8. Gold Peak Brewed unsweetened ice tea with fresh lemon (I drink this all day everyday
  9. Kahiki veggie egg rolls (only 70 calories.. Love them!!)
  10. Joseph's Flax pita bread (I'm obsessed with these. I have one everyday for lunch. Only 60 calories)
  11. My Laptop
  12. My camera(I love taking pictures. Someday I will be able to afford a nice camera but for now the one I have will have to do)
  13. Softlips
  14. My pj pants (when I'm home you will never see me in jeans. I love to be comfortable)
  15. TV (I'm a TV junkie)
  16. Pogo (this is a sad one but I can't help it. I love it)
  17. The gym
  18. My bathtub (one of my musts when we were looking for houses was a nice bathtub. Mine is amazing)
  19. Top the Tater light with light lays potato chips (yummy)
  20. Coffee (I am almost 33 and didn't start drinking coffee until I was 32 now I can't live without it)
So that's my list. I could keep going but I don't want to bore you. 

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