Mar 21, 2011

Update on B

B got out of the hospital on Saturday. He was packed and waiting when I got there to pick him up. I guess you could say he was more than ready to get out of that place. No more morphine drip but at least he gets to be in his own bed. Saturday and Sunday were really tough on him. He said that the aftermath of this surgery feels worse than his first. That's crazy to me because the first surgery they cut him wide open to remove his cancer. This surgery they removed his ileostomy and stitched up the hole in his stomach. He seems to be in so much more pain this time. Today he was able to get out of bed and sit in the recliner. He loves that I have to wait on him hand and foot but that's not going to last. Lol.

We're just taking everything day by day. Once he is healed up he is going to get back to work and hopefully our lives will get back to normal(some what). I told him that once he is done with chemo (mid summer) and this is all behind us are are taking a vacation. We've never been anywhere out of the state together and this is the perfect excuse to go somewhere.


Kristi said...

You guys definitely deserve a vacation after all this!! I hope Brent feels better each and every day and that this next bout of Chemo kicks ass on all the cancer. Praying for you guys!

Leslie Collins said...

You are sooo deserving of a darn good vacation after all of this! Hope you guys are able to get back to normal soon.