Mar 22, 2011

French Fries and Ice Cream

I decided to title my blog French Fries and Ice Cream since that is what I had for dinner tonight. No lie. Since B got out of the hospital he hasn't been able to really eat so I've kinda been on my own for dinner. So tonight I decided to bake up some of my Cascadian Farms french fries and a Skinny Cow ice cream for dessert. It was by far the best dinner this week. Oh wait! It's only Tuesday.

Today I had one of my besties Lanee over for lunch. We decided to get together for lunch twice a month to catch up and have girl talk. I made a yummy salad.
Romaine lettuce
Light balsamic
Blue cheese crumbles

Of course I took a picture of the salad as I do EVERYTHING. Some day I will be able to afford a professional camera and they it's on. Pictures of EVERYTHING!! Watch OUT!!

While Jake napped it was nice to have some friend time. I some times get wrapped up in my own life and forget how much I need my friends and how much I value them.

 Thank you Lanee for coming over today. Love YA!!

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Leslie Collins said...

In my opinion? Yummiest.salad.ever! :)