Mar 31, 2011

Thoughts For Thursday- Thirsty Thursday

Today I stopped by Caribou to get a cold drink. I love iced coffee but I like it with all the cream and yummy syrups. That usually makes them about 200-300 calories which I am not willing to use up (from my daily calorie intake allowance). I asked the cashier what is the lowest calorie cold drink they have and they suggested a Northern Lite Carmel Cooler.

I tried it and I was instantly hooked. They are only 90 calories for a small and a small is plenty for me. So my question for this TFT-Thirsty Thursday edition is what is your favorite drink to order and from where. It can be coffee, milk shakes, smoothies, or even a fun cocktail from your local watering hole. Let me know.


Robyn said...

I used to love the iced coffee too. If I stop at starbucks I get the passion tea. I love quaker steak and lube's lube-n-ade(lemonade) for some reason it is really good there. I'm sure it is full of more sugar than I care to know about though.

Kristi said...

I am a total margarita girl. That's about all I drink other than water

Leslie Collins said...

I really like an iced or hot caramel machiato from Starbucks or the wild berry smoothies from McDonalds.

And I agree with Kristi, I love a good Marg! On the rocks or blended, as long as it has tequilia and salt! haha. :)