Mar 8, 2011

Children's Museum

Today Jake and I went to the Children's Museum. We met up with Jake's friends Peyton and Chase and their Mommy Nora and Auntie Nina. This was the first time Jake visited the Children's Museum and it won't be the last. We spent hours there exploring. He had such a great time being able to just run free. Since this was an unfamiliar area Jake did bump his head a few times from running into things but over all he did amazing. There were a few times were he wanted to crawl because he felt safer but I encouraged him to walk and explore and he did awesome!! When we got home Jake crashed for 2 hours. Good day!!

Jake loved the giant legos
Peyton, Chase and Jake rockin out!
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Hanging out in the tunnel
We tried to get all the kids to sit for a picture. See how well that went. 


Mary said...

Adorable pictures! Jake is getting so big! That museum looks great. My guys would love those giant legos!

Kristi said...

Glad you guys had a nice time. I ahve never been to the Children's Museum but I have heard it is Kiddie Heaven :)

Katie said...

Encouraging to find other vi mamas! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hopefully we can be helpful to one another. Jake is super cute. Keep the faith and the funny. -Katie (maddy's mama)