Apr 12, 2017

Confessions Of My Obsessions

There are a few things I feel like I couldn't live without. My obsession to these things I'm about to tell you about, runs deep. While I know I wouldn't actually die without these things I tend to think my life would be meaningless without them. (OK not really)

Ask Mr. J about this one. I love you Pinterest!Follow me!

If you don't have a Prime membership I highly recommend getting one. The monthly membership fee pays for itself with the free 2 day shipping. Click here to get a list of the benefits you get when you have a membership.

I'm not sure how I can watch the same show over and over and over and still love it. Greatest sitcom of all time(besides Roseanne of course)

MAC Lipstick
You may cost 17 dollars a tube but I will pay it because I love you. 

Heavy Whipping Cream 
I follow a Keto WOE(way of eating) and this is a staple for me. I love it in my coffee. I buy in bulk. 

FitBit Charge HR
I explain my obsession with my fitbit HERE
Kerrygold Butter
Try it! You will never buy another brand once you do. Some say it is hard to find but my local Aldi's carries it.

13 Reasons Why
If you haven't watched 13 Reasons Why, you are missing out. If you want to read a really good review check out Jenn's blog . Her review is the reason I decided to watch.

MAC Lightful Tinted Cream
If you want light coverage, a moisturizer and an SPF, I recommend this product. It's 35 dollars a tube but It lasts a long time(you only need a little) I wear this everyday. 

Goats and pigs
This picture needs no explanation. Once again, you're welcome!

What are you currently obsessed with?


Charlotte Klein said...

OMG the goat and pig pic <3 Thank you.

Also, Pinterest. It is definitely an obsession and a whole rabbit hole kind of thing with me, where I promise I'm just going to look for one thing and then BOOM! 30 minutes later I'm staring at DIYs and all kinds of things I have no use for. Whoops :)

That butter is delicious. And I've not yet tried the cream in coffee (we are obsessed with the almond milk coffee creamers in different flavors, like caramel, YUM!).

Must check out that show. Always looking for new programs to binge-watch :)

coach-daddy said...

It sounds sick to anyone who knows me as a carnivore, but I'm kind of obsessed with salad right now. With all kinds of crunchy stuff and savory stuff, like cranberries and strawberries, sunflower seeds, jalapenos, hard-boiled eggs and cashews. MM.

I've been obsessed with meditation and audio books, alternating between fiction and nonfiction. I'm enhancing my life in ways I couldn't if I listened to NPR incessantly as I once did!

Love this post, and getting to know you through the Peaceful Posse!

Divya Mathur said...

Friends is honestly the ONLY show that makes me laugh out loud - no matter the number of times I've seen the episode already! (Which...........is like 100. Haha)

Bethie The Boo said...

BIGGEST Friends fanatic over here! It will never fail to make me smile and laugh, I still cry when I watch Ross and Rachel break up, I still cry at the finale, it's the best of all time. I used to be more obsessed with Pinterest, I haven't spent as much time with it as I used to. And Amazon Prime is life.

Trish @ The Trish List said...

This is such a fun post! I love it! I am so glad I met you through the group! I am obsessed with 13 Reasons Why. I want to read the book now. It sends such a powerful message.

Rachel said...

I've never tried that brand of butter, but I did love shopping at Aldi when we were in the States! I definitely use Pinterest a lot--especially for coming up with ideas for lessons and for parties--hey, it makes my job easier! ;)

Dominique @ Ohbeehave said...

That goats and pigs pic is adorable!!! I love friends too... I even just enjoy reading Chandeler quotes online - it's awesome how this show is still funny after all this time. I keep hearing about 13 reasons why but I don't know anything about it, so I'm jumping over to the review now to check it out ;)

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I've never seen the Irish butter but I'd be down to try it! I'm waiting for 13 Reasons Why from my library. I need to read it before watching it. Yes, the baby animals are adorable. It looks like lamb to me. lol

The Flynnigans said...

Hey Kim,
Can you explain the difference between paleo and ketogenic is? I have a hard time understanding the difference.
I wish we could get Kerry Gold here in Canada but nope, not a chance in hell. It's something to do with the pasteurization and health laws here in Canada. Basically, it's bullshit. There are so many foods and items you guys have available to you in the US but not here. I get mad jealous. Lol

Piggies and goats are the best. We pet sit three goats every few years and they are the funniest.