Apr 6, 2017

Thinking Out Loud Thursday-My Fitbit Addiction

It's Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Penny's Passion. Do you want to know what I am thinking about today? My fitbit addiction. Hello my name is Kim and I am a Fitbit-Aholic. You heard it here first ladies and gentleman. 

I feel like even if my fitbit came with this disclaimer, I still would have bought one because "everybody is doing it". I am on my 4th fitbit. Yep! my 4th! These little suckers aren't cheap either. Hey, shout out to QVC easy pay.

I can literally relate to these tweets. I will hold my pee if my fitbit is charging because if I go without it, my steps won't count. Shit's gettin' real!

If you don't have a fitbit you wouldn't understand. It's a love/hate thing. Who am I kidding, I love you fitbit. 

And now there is a new feature where my fitbit vibrates every hour to tell me to get off my ass. Oh hey! It just told me it's step O'clock! Gotta get my step on! 


Bethie The Boo said...

I used to wear my Fitbit all the time but got tired of charging it. I keep thinking I'd like to get back to it though! And I kind of want the newer one that vibrates and tells you to get moving. I need that. I sit wayyyy too much at work!

Charlotte Klein said...

OMG, I have fitbit anxiety FOR REAL!!! I totally get these memes. I hate when I leave the apartment to go somewhere and I left my fitbit on the charger but ESPECIALLY when I'm on my way to the gym. It's like, "if I walk on the treadmill and my steps don't count, DID I REALLY WALK!?" lol, also I don't like that other people can see my steps. It makes me paranoid.

But yea, it's totally a love/hate thing :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

It really does suck walking a lot when you aren't wearing it! hahah I need to get mine looked at - the time for the clock isn't working and it makes me so sad. :(


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Ha ha, so true!

Jana @ Jana Says said...

I keep saying I need to start using my FitBit again but then I don't. No real reason why.

Dominique @ Ohbeehave said...

I've thought so many times about getting a fitbit, but, like you, I fear I would get addicted!! I get crazy when it comes to setting goals and achieving them and I think it would make me a little nuts. Not such a bad thing to get crazy over though... I can just image all the extra steps :)

Kim Munoz said...

Girl! Today my fitbit was like "how about 12 more steps!?" So here I am telling it that it's not the boss of me, while I got up and got my damned steps in! LOL Its totally the boss of me! Im on my 4th one too!

Penny Struebig said...

These cracked me up! I'm new to the fitbit world and can so relate. My husband and I got ours a couple months ago and our whole language has changed to how many steps we got that day, or how many calories we've burned. It has definitely helped us get moving and off the couch!

Divya Mathur said...

I'm the same way with my Fitbit! I'm on my 4th or 5th one too. We should be Fitbit friends!