Apr 10, 2017

First Day Jitters

As we quickly approach moving day to our Happy PlaceI can't help but feel anxiety. This stems from my overwhelming fear of Jake's move to his new school and how he will transition. I feel a lot of guilt moving him out of a school he loves with friends he knows and his para Karla that has been with him for years.
Moving my child to a new school isn't just about enrolling him a new school, getting his teacher assigned and then starting his first day. It is a long process and a lot of people are involved. Jake is requires a team of professionals to ensure that his needs are met. Some things that are needed and things that need to be done are

IEP needs to be switched over to the new districts format
Paraprofessional (one that jives with Jake's personality)
Orientation and mobility specialist
Vision teacher
Adapted laptop
Classroom has to be free of clutter and once staged can't be rearranged
Locker placement has to be the first locker in the group
Lunch process(if eating hot lunch he needs to be told what everything is) this is why I started to send cold lunch.

The list above sounds like a lot but what gives me the most anxiety is how scary it must be for him.  I know that kids can be cruel and Jake is a very sweet sensitive boy. He doesn't pick up on a lot of social cues and doesn't' understand sarcasm. One thing that I have noticed about his current classmates is they are very protective of him and I pray that the new kids are too. I'm sure that everything will be fine but the fear of the unknown has this Mama Bear nervous.

What settles my nerves is knowing that we will soon be exactly where I know in my heart we are supposed to be and that is with Mr, J.

Stayed tuned to hear more about mine and Jake's journey and Jake's transition to his new school.



Charlotte Klein said...

Awww, momma, <3

Sending so much love to you. I know this is incredibly stressful and I can tell that your inner fierce protective momma bear is coming out--but don't apologize for that! Of course you want what's best for your child, and he's so lucky to have you in his corner :) I love that his current classmates are so protective over him, and I'm sure he will adopt and will make new friends in no time. I look forward to following along to see how it all goes!

Sending so much of these your way in the meantime :) XOXOXOXO

Shann Eva said...

Best of luck to both of you during this transition. I think the anticipation is almost worse than the actual change sometimes. I hope his new school is wonderful, and the kids are too. I'll be following along to see how everything goes.

Bethie The Boo said...

Oh Mama I feel you! Change is hard enough but with all you have to line up for Jake it makes it even harder! I would be feeling the same way in your shoes. You definitely have your ducks in a row as to knowing what you need when you get there and I think that is a great first step. I will pray he has understanding and wonderful new friends when he gets there! Much love you!

coach-daddy said...

That's plenty of anxiety! Sending good vibes and love your way for you both. I have faith in humanity and can envision kids taking your boy in with loving arms. Look forward to hearing good news!

Lecy Croson said...

Wow, such a stressful transition! I'm hoping all goes smoothly for you guys and you get settled in quickly! <3

Sheryl at How to Make a Life said...

Praying things go well for both of you!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'm sorry you have to stress about this but I hope that all goes well and your son settles in at his new school with little trouble. :)

Trish @ The Trish List said...

Sending you so much strength to get you through this all. You are an amazing mom and you only want to protect your little man. Moving is stressful in general and when kids are involved, I can't even imagine the stress that goes on. You got that! Keep us updated!

The Flynnigans said...

I can totally understand your fears and anxieties, but this might end up being such a great time of growth for him despite it being difficult on al of you, most especially him.
Sending you much love and strength. xoxo