Aug 6, 2008

8 things before I die

I've been tagged by Helmet to list 8 things I would like to do before I die. Of course mine aren't as funny as Helmet's. I'm not that creative.

1. Live in a small town in Alaska (There has to be a town like the ones on Northern Exposure and Men in Trees, Right?)

2. Cut all my long hair off. This will probably never happen.

3. Take a cruise

4. Own my dream home

5. Sky dive

6. Erase my Myspace

7. Go scuba diving

8. Write a book (this might be hard because I am bad at grammar)

I am supposed to tag people to do this also or something bad will happen to me. Umm I will take my chances and let everyone off the hook.


Kristi said...

Sky Dive???? Hell Effin NO

Helmey said...

well done!!! Scuba is the best...

Michelle Leigh said...

I like this list! I would never ever skydive. I'd shit my pants! I'd love to write a book too! Who needs good grammar? That's what editors are for!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

That's a good list - lofty but attainable. Good luck!

Kristi said...

I wanted to add that I want to write a book someday too

Jessica said...

I've been to Alaska, and there are definitely cute small towns there! My DH would love to live there some day too.