Aug 15, 2008

Tonight after my ultrasound going over to Sonja's for dinner with the girls. I am posting a picture of my girls (missing Sonja she arrived after we took the picture) Unfortunately Amber(third one in from the left) moved to AZ last month. I miss her soo much.

From left to right. Mary, Me, Amber, Leah, Kristi and Lanee

Tomorrow morning I am heading up to my cabin with my Sister Tracy and my Niece Jess. It's the Carlton County Fair up in Barnum, MN this weekend. This is something my family and I have been going to my whole life. It's nothing like the state fair but I still enjoy going and spending time with the family.

I will post Monday about my ultrasound. Have a great weekend.

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Kristi said...

Can't wait to see you tonight and see the ultrasound pictures :)