Aug 7, 2008


Last night I went over to my Sister Tracy’s for dinner and to have my Brother In-Law Jeff look at the car that I am driving until I find something else. It’s a dodge Stealth and it is not me at all. Guys think it’s cool because it’s a sports car but I don’t like feeling like I am laying down when I am driving. Especially since I will soon be HUGE and getting in and out of this car will not be easy. I may need a fork lift.

My Sister made sweet and sour chicken which was yummy. After dinner we went up to Napa to get parts for the car, 60.00 bucks for some plugs and wires. MAN!! My Sister and I sat in the porch swing while BIL Jeff worked on the car. It was such a nice night. It felt good to be out in the fresh air. Lately I’ve just been going home after work and lying around.

My BIL’s friend Rick lives in my Sister’s basement apartment and came out to help with the car. He then proceeded to piss me off. I am pregnant and hormonal and he feels the need to bark at me about the man’s side of pregnancy. Hmmm really are you sick 24/7 and so exhausted you have to drag yourself out of bed. NO!! My Sister told him to shut up. I think she could tell that I was about to blow. He was seriously arguing with everything that I said trying to push his points on me.

Any thoughts on men and the hormonal thing???


Michelle Leigh said...

I'd get used to it, it doesn't matter what they say, the hormones will make it 100 times worse! Brian didn't do anything right when I was preggo with Bennett! All men should fear the wrath of a pregnant woman and just keep their mouths shut!

Mary said...

Men will never get it! My husband was tough in the beginning. He came around though and got better at dealing with me :)

Helmey said...

he was about to start?

Amy said...

most are clueless. i must say mine is nicer to me and more understanding than any other female i know - i guess i am very lucky!

Robyn said...

They just don't get it. My husband loved to push on my swollen legs just to see dent marks. WTH.