Aug 21, 2008


Today marks the first day of the GREAT MINNESOTA GET TOGETHER the Minnesota State Fair 2008. Ever since I was little I’ve been going to the fair and loving it. When I was little my Dad would bring my Brother Jason and I every year and we would always have such a fun time. As I became an adult my love for the fair only grew. I love to eat and to people watch. The MN state fair is HUGE and there is so much to look at you can spend hours there. If you counted all the food that you could find on a stick at the fair you would be shocked.

Here is a list of the food and drinks that I wait for all year at the fair, number one being my all time favorite.

1. Deep fried pickles with cream cheese inside
2. Cheese on a stick
3. Juanita’s Fajita’s
4. French fries
5. Olives on a stick from the bizarre
6. Deep fried mushrooms
7. Salt water taffy
8. Lemonade
9. Beer (not this year)

For my TFT I would like to know your thoughts on fairs. Do you LOVE them like me or dislike them? What types of foods do you go for? If you don’t live in MN do you have a big fair every year in your town and if so what is it like?


Kristi said...

LOVE the Fair!!!!
Must haves for me: Cheese curds, corn dog, cookies or mini-donuts, deep fried ravioli, and at least a bite of everything that E gets!! I like sharing because you can eat more things without getting too full.....

Michelle Leigh said...

I can't believe cheese curds aren't on your list! They are number 1 on mine!

I like the fair, but I could do without it. I know, I'm crazy! I guess I just like to go, eat as much as I can in as little time possible, then get the heck out of there. Brian and I will be going this year because we NEED the food! We brought the girls last year and they liked it, so we'll see if they'll be accompanying us again!

jessica said...

i am a big people watcher at the state fair :) you see EVERYTHING. i don't love ALL fairs, though... for the record!

the best things at the fair:
fresh squeezed lemonade
sweet martha's cookies
cheese curds

this year i'm going to try the chocolate covered bacon!

Helmey said...

I will give you $1 american if you go to the fair in a tube top and eat everything on that list at the same time...that would be hela-awesome!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Growing-up we used to go to Field Days in the small towns in upstate New York - nothing compared to the fair in terms of size, but the best place to get salt potatoes!

Hubby took me to the Los Angeles County Fair when were dating - it was fun for the people watching, but really not my thing. Shortly after we got married we went to the Colorado State Fair - it was awful! I am a big fan of funnel cake when we go, though if I were in MN, cheese curds would be at the top of my list!

Dana Leigh said...

I like the fair but I don't feel like I have to go every year. Actually I barely went as a kid or teenager. I went last year and we are going this Monday. I love eating too. I love cheese curds and corn dogs and my must have is corn on the cob. It used to be such a treat to go to the fair and get cheese curds but now it seems like you can get them anywhere. You have to tell me where the deep fried pickles with cream cheese are because that sounds delicious! Michael and I went to the Texas State Fair last October. It was fun but it not as centered around food as much as MN's state fair. And I like to people watch too. There is always someone or something to look at. I bumped into Kristi a few years ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Hoping to run into to u and the fam on Sat...
fav's r
~corn fritters!
~fried green tomatoes (same stand)
~corn on the cob
~all the milk u can drink (use to be for 10 cents but I think it's up to a buck now...)
~did I say corn fritters???
What ever is new...
and I like to graze off of everyone elses.. that way u can try so much!! Havve fun, don't get stuck in a stall... o wait that was me. :) LOL

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the fair every year. I always get...

Corn on the cob
Dino's Gyros
Bucket of Rigs
Sweet Martha's Cookies

I might try the pickle with cream cheese this year that sounds kind of good. See you Saturday!

Dana said...

OMG! So not fair! The ONLY state fair I have ever been to is the MN one! We went in 2005 & 2006. We missed it last year and unfortunately will miss it again this year! Please eat some for me! :)

I have to agree with Kristi on the Cheese curds. She is the one who made me try them, although the name doesn't sound very appetizing! I love the cookies, corn on the cob, fried ravioli... I know there's more, but that's all I can think of! I miss the cookies so much... it was a great snack for the 6 hour drive home to Chicago!! :(

Mel said...

Never been to the State Fair...but I get to go TWICE this year!!! I'm so excited...I've been doing research lol. I'm going for the concerts but making a day of it to eat and check things out!